Pyrecipe is a recipe manager for Maemo.
It can create, edit and show recipes in your Internet Tablet.
Actually it can import recipes in the Gourmet and Krecipes formats.
It can export to HTML, Gourmet XML, Krecipes and Mealmaster formats.
In the future it will support more formats for import/export as Anymeal, Mastercook, recipeML, Rezkonv, etc.

It has other possible functions as Timer, where you will be able to control the time you are cooking.
Also it has a small Shopping List. It has a basic interface, with options to add, to delete and to mark items. You can save shopping lists in a file to open them in another moment.
How to install
Pyrecipe is available in Maemo 5 and Maemo4/OS2008.
Check the maemo.org downloads page for these versions:

Maemo 5


Comming soon.
Report bugs
If you have some problem using Pyrecipe and you want ask for help, you have some options:
Credits and License
Daniel Martin Yerga is the Pyrecipe's author. You can contact with him, sending an email to dyerga at gmail dot com.

Pyrecipe is released with the GNU GPL License.